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My Promises to You

I give you a solemn oath:

  • To obey and defend the explicit word of the United States Constitution until its repeal.

  • To adhere to Libertarian principles, without compromise.

  • To work tirelessly to undo the damage done by other politicians.

  • To work tirelessly to prevent more damage by other politicians.

  • To always vote against socialism.


If elected, I will:

  • Vote against all spending increases.

  • Vote against all taxes.

  • Vote against all bills that violate the Constitution.

  • Vote against all bills that increase the size or influence of government.

  • Vote against all bills that weaken the sovereignty of the United States.

  • Vote against all bills that would require any compromise.

  • Vote for all bills that protect the rights of individuals.

  • Work for the impeachment and removal of all officials, whether elected, appointed or hired, who have violated their oaths to you (their masters) and the Constitution.

  • In short, expect me to vote "No" on damned near everything!

I encourage you, the voter, to print this page and put it in a safe place. This is my contract with you. I can make this contract with you because, unlike Republicans and Democrats, I am a man of my word.  I am a man of principle. I can stand behind these promises because I am a Libertarian.

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Powell Gammill for Congress

If you spend just 8 minutes of your life watching this movie, you pretty much know everything you need to know about me. I agree with everything in this movie, and can think of nothing more to add:

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